To promote and protect health, we need to overcome the current social and economic model. To a great extent our health is determined by social and environmental factors like distributive justice, the functioning of our social security systems or the quality of air, water, soil and food. Society investes a lot of money in the health care system, but these investments have only a limited effect on our health itself. On the other hand, society is exploiting people and environment by its economic actions. This is not sustainable at all.
We must go beyond the medical consumption and the invention of ever new syndromes. We have to find a new form of care that puts the people at the center. Human is not a machine but a bio-psychological, social and spiritual being, which is in direct relationship to others.
The healing process must not take place only in hospitals with the latest technologies, but should involve the whole human being within a variety of relationships. Health is not something you can buy. You have to work actively and jointly to it and participate and enter into a process that promotes health conscious and problems not only alleviates them in short term.
Health is a publich right, a common good, neither state provided nor corporate, which we have a right to promote. Therefore, self-management of health is a fair and necessary ambition for the whole society to a higher level. Health cannot be a business, therefore, our awareness can neither be a merchandize to the service of the state, the pharmaceutical industry and the rest of the dominant sanitary apparatus.
We  can not ignore the important fight that is developing within the core of the public health, against the path taken for the rentability of health through the conversion of the public into private. However, the struggle must not be just for the recovery of a workplace or a private hospital. Another health system is needed, a new paradigm around the health that paves the road for the development of a health system outside the hegemonic model.
Currently we are in the so-called “crisis of public health”, under which can be identify the failure of the hegemonic reductionist state model. Its corporate policies have created a market in which the human being is a patient/client who requires a health intervention well into the processes that follow its natural cycle.
Knowing all of that the solidarity clinics around Greece, could be an important move to go ahead with them as a part of building an integral health system that puts really the humans in the center; as a part of a whole self governed movement
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