Cooperative public system

By organizing ourselves in a collective and cooperativist way we can create initiatives that aim to meet everyones needs, to reclaim the public as a collective good, and not a privately or state provided one, a natural management form that emerges from a cooperation between humans. We can specify these needs as nutrition, education, health, housing, transport and energy.
For that we need on one hand, to promote the collectivization of the goods, of the land or buildings, and on the other reclaim education and public health beyond economic power, that is established by the state and the capital. Therefore we consider health and education as a right and a public good, that should be guaranteed by the community, creating collective learning environments, in which the knowledge can be shared in a free manner.
By this the empowerment of ourselves is needed and we have to execute a transition to a cooperativist form of welfare, which relies on mutual help and outdo the welfare state. The state wants us weak and helpless but we stand for cooperating in autonomy and deciding collectively on our material and non-material needs.
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