Economic disobedience

Civil Disobedience
By civil disobedience we understand a public, non-violent, conscious and politic practice, that civil society undertakes, against a law or authority order considered unjust or illegitimate, in order to invalidate the law or order and introduce a new law that recognizes de facto those social and civil rights that are being denied by the law. When, as in Greece, ways of political expression is limited to institutional channels and elections every four years, without the existence of direct participation and consultation mechanisms, civil disobedience becomes an essential tool to denounce and express the rejection of an unjust law or policy.
Economic disobedience 
We place a special emphasis on the economic disobedience, that would be a concentrated form of civil disobedience to free ourselves from private or state economic power, to ellaborate our resources to building alternatives to the current economic system. Thus, the economic disobedience includes all these forms of civil or social disobedience aiming to empower free people, breaking the chains that enslave us in the current capitalist system.
Individual actions of economic disobedience 
• Insurgence to personal income tax  and declare fiscal resistance to PIT
• Refusal of VAT
• Total tax resistance
• Insolvency
• Audit the public debt, a debt to defend nonpayment of an offensive debt
• Extension of eviction (as paying a kind of social rental)
Collective action
 • Getting organized as debtors of invaluable mortgage
 • Getting organized to buy back our unpaid debt
 • Rent exchange network, before losing possession of the property
 • Social housing cooperatives
 • Cooperatives to protect the self-management from the acts of the banks and the State
 For more information, please read the manual of economic disobedience [link] 
Economic disobedience offices
The economic disobedience offices are places where people with disobedient intentions share their concerns and knowledge. We can perceive them as places of collective learning through mutual support and cooperation. The participants can take new steps to implement in their personal and collective lives. They can exist as physical spaces in different regions as well as on a virtual level.
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