Self Employement


The basis of an Integral Cooperative Economic System is the self-employment of it’s members.
Thus, we offer tools to facilitate the process of independence from employers and banks, from the excessive legal obstacles to accessing work and from debts incurred in the capitalist sphere.
One way in which the CI can facilitate this member self-employment is through the figure of the self employed partner, which gives the ability to invoice for work and carry out economic activity through the cooperative to those who need it.
One proposal is to offer an online jobs board for your members as a common utility that connects people who publish their professional profile, with others who may need extra hands to work in their project. Any work done can be exchanged for fiat currencies (not recommended), social currencies, FairCoins (the CI’s socialdigital currency)[link] or other exchanges agreed between the parties.
Finally, the commissions of the productive projects is responsible for creating a qualitative database of all members of the cooperative, and their needs and capacities within the framework of the CI.
These tools, in an increasingly shorter time, depending on the quantity and quality of people who join the process of the Integral Revolution, can allow us to self-manage our lives as part of an Integral Economic System.
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