Layers of an alternative Economic Systems:

Community Economy:
A Community Economy runs on spontaneous reciprocity, affinity relationships, mutual support and high levels of  trust, without accounting for the flow of exchanges and without expecting compensation in return for what has been shared.
Barter trade:
Barter is a system of exchange by which goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods or services without using a medium of exchange, such as a currency. It is distinguishable from community economies in many ways; one of them is that the reciprocal exchange is immediate and not delayed in time.
Transition through social currencies (local):
Free local and social currencies are tools that go beyond direct exchanges, facilitating multi-reciprocal exchanges and establishing values for goods, services and knowledge that are exchanged. Social currencies are key aspects to relocate the economy, promoting human and economic relations of proximity at the local and bioregional level. They generate a social market, open only to activities that incorporate ethical, ecological and social criterias that allow everyone to interact fairly and without intermediaries. 
These currencies are an opportunity to undermine the hegemony of capitalism and could gradually replace the Euro while ensuring abundance, since each individual is part of the creation of resources for meeting collective needs by putting skills and knowledge to the service of the community. An exchange network can be mobilized by a small critical mass (30-40 people would be sufficient)  associated locally to boost economic relations based on trust and proximity, on a bioregional action range. As it is a transition tool, social currencies inevitably coexist with the capitalist economy.
Usable tools for social currenciesr are the LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) and the IntegralCES (Community Exchange System) http://www.integralces.net 
Transactions through these Systems are tax free? [link:fiscal disobedience]
Transition through Fiat Currencies
Building up a  counter-hegemonic economy is an unavoidable duty if we want to expel the capitalist economy off our lives. But it is clear that for many transition projects we need Euro injections to get them started. Making use of the capitalists economic resources of legal character (wages, unemployment, inheritances, scholarships) may not be sufficient, and here comes into the picture the role of economic disobedience actions (fiscal disobedience, non-payment of debts and fines, expropriations,etc …) to lead the way to the creation of networks of self-sufficiency and of self-managed projects that do not require interaction with the  capitalist economy to ensure their survival.
[link: fiscal disobedience]
Transiti on though Digital Currencies (local and global):
(link to faircoin) 
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