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The website Use Faircoin (http://use.fair-coin.org/) is a directory and a map of collectives, merchants, cooperatives and individuals that accept faircoin as donations or payments. Here, you can also find tutorials on how to install a FairCoin wallet (https://use.fair-coin.org/tutorials/ ) which makes everyday use of the currency easy. Currently, one can create wallets on a computer (Linux, Mac and Window) and for Android phones. Also Use.Fair-coin.org includes a service for merchants and producers that needs to change to  Euro.
You can buy faircoins online at http://www.getfaircoin.net, in cash at certain nodes, and soon also at ATMs.
Fairmarket, FairCoop‘s online marketplace, will be the website where all products and  services produced by members of the cooperative can be bought online. It’s a tool that will display and provide coverage of needs in a market, which is a trading platform for the different productive projects run by FairCoop members.
 Fairmarket currently is in an alpha testing version.
A Greek version of Fairmarket is also under developement with the aim of becoming the easiest way to buy products from Greek producers close to the FairCoop values. This is also a tool for the members of Integral Cooperatives to sell outside their own cooperatives.
Many of us know that a better world is  possible. But too often, great ideas and great projects are a seed ready to sprout and make a change, but just stay underground due to a lack of  resources. 
For this reason, FairCoop has created Fairfunds, an ideal space for the seeds to grow, develop and to eventually offer its fruit back to the nurture the land that cradled it. Specifically, these funds consist of a sum of faircoins donated to FairCoop to be handled with a specific objective. This may be proposed by the initiators of the fund, provided  they show a synergy with the overall objectives of FairCoop.
Three funds already exist, each starting off with an initial donation. They will be further sustained with input from all who wish to contribute and fund the particular projects presented to achieve proposed objectives.
Each fund has specific objectives which are defined by their council, which manages both the capital distribution and the policies of each fund. All councils are democratically elected and are open to participation.
Furthermore, together with the financial  resources and management, common ground is created through the FairCoop social network for all that’s needed in order for a project to grow.
There are already three funds confirmed in Fair.Coop; they’re under development and have already received a significant % of the money supply of existing faircoins.
These are:
– The Global South Fund
– The Commons Fund
– The Technological Infraestructure Fund
Fund for supporting Local Solidarity Economies 
This is a special fund in Faircoin
This special fund is based on deposits of faircoins savers, which are used as credit without interest to local nodes of the FairCoop network. Their purpose is to develop local solidarity  economy networks.
Individual FairCoop local nodes will be the receptors and hold responsibility for the credit which the Fund can provide for local solidarity economies.  In this way, local FairCoop nodes are able to run tasks directly, and can pass this responsability to other spaces of organizations at the local level, like for example an Integral Cooperative.
Any FairCoop local node can apply to the Fund given that the node:
– Has a stable working group of people involved with some activity related FairCoop projects.
– Have at least 1020 places which accept faircoins or as an alternative a social currency in their area of influence. These places needs to include those that carry products which satisfy basic needs.
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