The Role of FairCoop Greece

The Role of FairCoop Greece. 
Some of the founders of FairCoop have been involved in CIC from the very beginning. Taking into account that these cooperatives share the values of the Integral Revolution, FairCoop and FairCoop Greece are collaborating in some processes on the Greek website to help establishing new Integral Cooperatives in Greece.
For FairCoop, this new network of Integral Cooperatives is an important process to support,  because it can demonstrate a proof of concept. It can show the world how one can practically join together, using the tools of Integral Cooperatives and FairCoop as well as the characteristics and culture of local movements, to build a strong networked cooperative process around a country.
Concretely, FairCoop Greece is promoting the Greek website and is supporting the groups interested in starting Integral Cooperatives on a practical basis, while promoting the creation of a broader civil disobedience movement.
FairCoop Tools 
FairCoop brings a diverse toolkit of resources which could significantly support the process of Integral Cooperatives and their interactions at the national and international level. In the hand of every local process, these tools are only options. There are no obligations to use a specific tool in a local Integral Cooperative process, but they offer a great opportunity in the context of bringing civil resistance to the Troika to the next level.
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