Protect the self government legally

Protect the self-government from the action of the banks and the State
We can not abstract away that the constitution and maintenance of a cooperative is a task that requires a well-defined bureaucratic process for the state structure, so it is not the objective to establish a cooperative for each of the emerging self-managed initiatives. The key is to use the cooperatives like collective tools, minimizing management and the investment of time in the tortuous world of bureaucracy.
Thus, the legal ways to share multiple initiatives is one of the key elements that characterized the strategy of integral cooperative.
In Greece there is a single legislation for cooperatives throughout the country, which makes it easier to develop a common strategy then in other countries, where legislation varies by region. Availing ourselves of this legislation, we set up cooperatives, which are most versatile legal forms and at the same time more consistent with our goals existing:
  • Allows limitation of liability (individual debts can not be claimed within it and the debts of the cooperative can not be individually claimed their partners).
  • The statute allows to protect the agreed horizontal and assembly operation way.
  • It allows the existence of different forms of association to individual and collective needs and the timing and payment of dues, which need not be monetary.
  • Social capital is generated from the contributions of partners, which are returnable within a period of five years from the time they are asked.
  • Allows economic activity among partners to protect its from the action of the state.
  • You can ervir for legal registration of properties through rental agreements, assignment or purchase, to ensure collective self-managed projects (including projects of community life) and thus promote collectivization.
On a practical level, the form of social cooperatives, (kindsep) can serve for what we need from the beginning. Specifically with the idea of taking advantage of resources that already exist two possible ways to start the integral cooperative may:
1. Take advantage of a social cooperative that already exists. This need the generosity and openness of the founders of the cooperative to convert it into a tool for an integral cooperative to which all participants have equal access to the political process.
2. If there is no existing cooperative you may need to create the cooperative from zero.
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