Getting started

The key question is: How to move from the existing reality to a self-managed integral project?
We must be aware that the work ahead will require a great effort. So the first thing we need is a group of like-minded people, who can commit among each other with the whole process. On the previous page, you will find some tips to it. When you may have at least 3 or 4 people with high availability, you can start taking the first steps with certain guarantees.
If not, you also have the option of spreading and to convene a meeting, until you are enough to form the initial working group. At this point you will be able to take the first step:
1. Create a working group to establish an integral cooperative. Try to get involved people who are involved in the local popular assembly if something like that exist. You can start by convening a meeting and inviting like-minded groups.
The first thing is to create a critical mass that has little interest (10-30 people) to build an integral cooperative, and this interest gives buth to a minimum of affinity and trust.
2. With the already established working group you can startd to realize a map pf projects or initiatives on a local level and contact more groups to join in the following meetings like:
  • Assemblies or establish earlier initiatives
  • Community gardens
  • Groups and exchange markets
  • Consumer cooperatives
  • Squats and social centers
  • Transition groups
  • Permaculture groups
  • Work or reintegration cooperatives
  • Other self-managed cooperatives and collective
  • Related libraries
  • Cultural centers managed by neighbors
  • Time banks
  • Eclogical and degrowth groups
3. Once you have generated enough personal contacts, it may be time to summon them (with a margin of time) for a presentation to extend the lead, where you can collect more contacts and send the following calls.
4. From here, once you shared the goal, the call for an open assembly can prepared. Realated groups getting contacted and the call for the meeting is spreaded massively.
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