How to start an integral Cooperative. Introduction

How to start the process of establishing an integral cooperative?
Tools to generate an integral process of self-organization in your region from your neighborhood, town or city.
We understand self-management as a way to take control of our lives, providing our neighborhoods and towns the infrastructure required for the stable development of social projects organized from below, to break our current dependence on insecure systems of public or private social provision dominated by the state and the market.
At the local level we can have greater ability to extend the self-management process. Not surprisingly, it is a space in our everyday life where we are with our neighbors and with whom we share common problems.
It is  about become empowered and to start build from the nearest integral self-managed initiatives, in which neighbours recover the mutual support and generation community  as a way of solving the basic problems of our personal and collective life.
In the areas there are already basic proposals that may be part of a generalized self-management structure, which is important to seize. And for those, which are not exist now it will be important to create them:
  • Community neighborhood relations, mutual support and cooperation
  • Social centers, free shops, social libraries, etc …
  • Exchange (barter) in goods, services and knowledge, social money, social market participation of local businesses and professionals.
  • Economic disobedience offices, fiscal disobedience and self-organization of debtors.
  • Crowdfunding (collective microfinance) and credit unions without interest. Self-managed taxation.
  • Job creation and support for self-employment projects.
  • Housing and land offices as available resources of properties.
  • Cooperative social housing.
  • Self-managed public health center. Health facilitators.
  • Office of Education and collective learning spaces
  • Pantries (supply and exchange spaces), consumer groups, organic shops.
  • Community media.
  • Ecofabrication laboratories, free equipment and repairs.
  • self-production energy workshops.
  • Affinity groups of activists.
  • Popular assemblies.
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