Overcoming the Euro

The economy around FairCoin continues to grow at a steady pace, and our decision (as of December 5, 2017) to set our currency’s official exchange rate at 1€ was anticipated. It is a unique milestone that marks a new page for the entire ecosystem and everyone who has collaborated in these 3 years to reach at that point. Of course, the future is even more prominent and our ultimate goal is what we are stating since we begun; a decentralized and fair economic system for the whole world.

Celebrating this collective, landmark decision, with all of you participating in this fair economy and that in various ways have contributed at today’s achievement, we designed a special campaign including:
-> A brand new website, ready to welcome new members (https://fair.coop/), keep us informed with all latest news (https://blog.fair.coop/) and make our relationship with the ecosystem more interactive than ever (http://forum.fair.coop/).
-> A unique 20% discount offer, which has been launched on FairMarket, our online trading platform. Many products and stores are participating already, recognizing the need for sharing part of the profit so far, with all those using FairCoin in their transactions and supporting the real economy with goods and services.
See all discounted products.
Join the offer too.

It is certainly a unique pleasure to actively participate in such a project and we invite everyone to contribute in any way you can. Even those who have not come in contact so so far, we are always glad to welcome you to the FairCoop ecosystem and the tools of self-management that it offers.

The best way is to visit one of the three FairCoop Local Nodes that are already operating in Greece and are open to anyone who wants to know more, get their first FairCoin and gradually become more involved:
Athens Local Nodeathens@getfaircoin.net
Thessaloniki Local Nodethessaloniki@fair.coop
Heraklion (Crete) Local Nodeheraklion@fair.coop
There you can find people to talk directly, in person, about everything concerning FairCoop and FairCoin.

You may contact us online too, through the Telegram application by joining our welcome group there https://t.me/askfaircoop, for anything you want to ask and learn at any moment.

Hope to see you soon!
FairCoop Greece
Contact us – info@cooperativas.gr
Keep in touch – http://cooperativas.gr/

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