FairCoin keeps rising steadily

The upward trend of FairCoin is confirmed this month as well, thus at our last Assembly on Thursday, August 10th, we decided to raise our exchange rate to 0.50€ (so now 1 € = 2 FairCoins). This is the 4th (!) consecutive increase in past months, which is mainly driven by the:

  1. Growing community of users and the confidence they show in our currency.
  2. Greater variety of products and services that are now available, either online through FairMaket, or from local stores and merchants as shown in the https://use.fair-coin.org/ directory.
  3. Continuous creation of new Local Nodes around the world, where everyone can get informed, participate and acquire FairCoin directly with confidentiality.

We believe that the course of the whole ecosystem of FairCoop has now entered a steadily rising trajectory with no return. This is a great boost to our efforts which offers the strength and courage to move even faster towards building a more complete, alternative and fair economic model, independent of the banks and contrary to the oligarchy of the current economic system that suppresses 99% of the population. In this direction, important tools have already been developed and are soon expected to reach their full form, such as the Bank of Commons that has already unfolded:

  • A fully automated online banking platform
  • Direct currency exchange accounts using FairCoin, Bitcoin, Euro, Dollar etc.
  • Collaborative management and decision-making through an assembly of its members.
  • Supporting and financing cooperative projects from the capital / shares of its members.

Is it then the right time to participate in this subversive economy?

You may get more information in one of the three (3) FairCoop Local Nodes that already exist around Greece, which are open to all of you who want to collaborate towards a decentralized, fair, ethical and cooperative economy:
Athens Local Nodeathens@getfaircoin.net
Thessaloniki Local Nodethessaloniki@fair.coop
Heraklion (Crete) Local Nodeheraklion@fair.coop

Can’t find one near you? Go on and start your own Local Node then. Find out how! 😉
Contact usinfo@cooperativas.gr
Keep in touchhttp://cooperativas.gr/

Hope to see you soon!

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