World of Cryptocurrencies – FairCoin

The Integral Cooperative of Heraklion
invites you to a presentation / discussion
about the «Local Solidarity Economy»
emphasizing on the «World of Cryptocurrencies»

on Friday, 24th of March 2017, at 7 p.m.
at the self-managed space of Da
(15 Dedidakidon st. // Kamaraki)

The Integral Cooperative of Heraklion (I.C.Her.) is lately trying to establish a local economy based on solidarity and reciprocity between us, using currencies which are controlled by and serve our community. The processes that shape this economy are coming from grassroots movements; are based in open and democratic participative meetings, empowering the cooperation of all members, while decisions are made by consensus. Having accumulated much experience in theoretical and practical level, through the autonomous projects of I.C.Her. network which are supporting this economy, we want to share and extend this activity.

We invite you to this presentation1 in order to find out about the opportunities new technologies now give us and how they can be configured locally and collectively, combined with the will to disengage from the centralized, authoritarian and unjust financial system. We now have the ability to do this gradual transition, using economic tools and coins that will unlock our inherent creativity and help us build the economy we need, that serves our actual needs and is based on collective democratic values. We want to bring people at the center of our economy and make the currency a tool that we define; not the other way around.

Today, authoritarian control of the economy by the state and other supranational institutions, along with the exclusivity of banks in handling of money, make society a prey to the greedy plans of only a few (mega)capitalists and multinational business interests. This is a complex issue that, more and more, shapes every aspect of our lives and is at the heart of most social and political problems we face today. Particularly in Greece, taking in account the experience of recent years, the continuing austerity policies and authoritarian antidemocratic enforcement of laws in the name of economic reconstruction, we have to look for and to acknowledge the reaction methods that are offered.

We will present and discuss currencies at our disposal, which are constantly evolving, both locally and globally.

  • The local exchange trading network «Kouki» counts now more than a year of life time and growth in our city.
  • The strange world of cryptocurrencies and in particular, the one proposed by I.C.Her., FairCoin. A digital currency with global affect and many powerful and easy to use resources that come along.
  • Practical application of these tools will follow, with on-site installation of software2 and execution of transactions, in order to fully realize their potential.

We invite you to become a participant in this new liberating economic plan, co-shaping its evolution. We aim to fulfill an important step towards self-organization and collective emancipation against the oppressive system that monopolizes our activities today.

ΟΣΗ Logo_Ολογράφως.small1 Download the presentation file (in Greek)

2 Whoever is interested should bring along a laptop (Linux or Windows) or a mobile device (smart phone or tablet).

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  1. Chloe Everhart

    Thanks so much for doing this. I don’t really understand crypto currencies. Some friends and I are in the beginning stages of trying to create a solidarity economy like you have there. We’re experimenting with gift economy, pooling resources, and looking at what people like you and the Federation of Egalitarian Communities in the United States are doing. I’d be really interested in seeing a similar presentation in English. If someone finds the time to translate it, or knows of a similar resource, would you please let me know? Thank you for all of your ideas, work, and ideals.

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