New FairPay cards in action!

StreetMarket_18March2017_1On Saturday, 18th of March 2017, we hopefully reached to the 6th Autonomous Street Market, which are regularly organized by the Integral Cooperative of Heraklion (I.C.Her) at Georgiadi’s park. A project that is constantly strengthened and has come to serve some basic needs of those who actively show that they want and intend to disengage from the competitive and alienating market. Step by step, we cover more and more categories of products and services that are offered through our alternative currencies, Kouki and FairCoin.  StreetMarket_18March2017_ChildsWe want these coins to form the basis of the local solidarity economy that we propose, with the participation of more and more members, achieving a satisfactory level of self-sufficiency.

Specifically, in this sixth autonomous street market, we were able to see in practice the operation of the new FairPay cards, facilitating better transactions with FairCoin, making use of a computer or a smart phone unnecessary. Although still in testing mode, several participants created an account at fairtoearth platform and made their purchases using this very practical, direct and easy way. Each FairPay card is connected to a web account, where you can have a complete picture of your balance and your transactions; StreetMarket_18March2017_2even convert your FairCoin directly in Euros or Bitcoins if needed. This is a radical alternative banking that will soon be offering full financial coverage for each case and our every need, without any intermediary fee or subscription. The purpose of this service is our emancipation from banks and the usual market credit / debit cards, which are a monopoly of exploitation.

Specifically for shops and merchants that accept FairCoin transactions, StreetMarket_18March2017_FairPaythe related FairPay app for smart phones and tablets can provide a complete order management system, working also as a contactless POS device for FairPay cards. More practical things can be explained in person, as the FairCoop Local Node of Heraklion, which manages these cards and the service at the local level, meets up every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month, 5-8 pm, at the Da self-organized social space.

StreetMarket_18March2017_4All the above are not only limited to trade and commercial activity, as we keep stressing the solidarity and anti-systemic character they carry. The ultimate goal is the political act and the consolidation of our collective autonomy and self-management. An act which visualizes a post-capitalist reality of people released from the deadlock and destructive current situation. The co-shaping of this framework and the involvement of more and more individuals and groups towards this, is our first goal. This is a liberating process, first for ourselves and then gradually for the whole society.

More informations about I.C.Her http://heraklion.cooperativas.gr

Contact us by e-mail heraklion (at) cooperativas.gr

We take our life on our hands through self-management!

    1. Ολοκληρωμένος Συνεταιρισμός Ηρακλείου

      FairPay cards are given out to people (no charge at all) who want to have some faircoins, in order to spend them in the market or other merchants/shops that accept faircoins, either locally or world wide. They are activated and charged instantly using the FairPay app on an android phone which has NFC capability. So actually people exchange some of their euros to faircoins and put them in the FairPay card, which connects to an on-line account (wallet).
      Its all new to us also, so we get to explore its potentials step-by-step. Soon, FairPay cards will be available for everybody through https://market.fair.coop So keep in touch!
      The Open Autonomous Street Market is another project and has been going on for about a year now in Heraklion. It is one of the autonomous projects that participate in Heraklion Integral Cooperative (kind of a network of autonomous projects seeking a post-capitalist society) and is organized through the assembly of its participants. Step by step, would like to have a bigger impact at the local level, not only economical but political also, as we would like to talk more about agricultural production, self-organisation, common goods etc.

  1. Keith Parkins

    I like how this is being done.

    My interest, apart the concept of using faircoin and fairpay, is the idea of the autonomous market.

    We were in discussion in Cyprus last year re establishing something similar in Cyprus, where the local tourist economy is dying.

    Would you please be so kind, to post your comments


    and where it has been re-posted


    We have the possibility of a local car hire cum money exchange issuing the fairpay cards and maybe ‘charging’ with currency.

    I looked a few weeks ago, and could not find a fairpay app on android.

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