Order the Fairpay card now and start 2017 by committing yourself to another economy for the whole year

Special Launching Campaign until January the 5th.

Fairpay will be a payment card to use in physical stores. An alternative to Visa, Mastercard, without fees. Using the latest NFC ‘contactless’ technologies that the most innovative companies are implementing, because cooperativism is not at odds with innovation.

A tool to extend the networks of social and solidarity economy to all, all over the world.

More info: https://fair.coop/docs/fairpay-how-it-will-work-version-2/

The usage experience will be as easy as using a conventional system. It will be loaded with Faircoin, but neither the user nor the trade will notice it as simple as it will be. So you have no excuse to take the step. Easy will even be for the trade to change to euros if necessary. As easy as using a bank account and much cheaper than with conventional financial middlemen.
It is a key step to extend the new banking system of the people in 2017. With this campaign we start launching right now!

Why right now?
The end of one year and the beginning of another, is a good time to commit to your good intentions for 2017.
At this time, the system of capitalist propaganda invades us with the message that in this holiday season is time to buy, buy and buy.
Instead with the Fairpay card we offer a possibility to support another model of production and consumption, which is not consumerist, but based on the coverage of the real needs of people while respecting and promoting cooperative values, social equity and the care of the planet. Therefore it is not a consumption that can be reinforced only in the holidays, but it needs commitments for the whole year.

Thus, we invite you to assume a fair consumption commitment for 2017, reserving the Fairpay card with a charged amount that symbolizes this commitment that you want to assume and thus contributing to the launch of Fairpay in February 2017. From here, you can contribute to That your trusted stores accept fairpay and you can use it near your house.
If tradition leads you to think of gifts for those dates, you can also think of the Fairpay card as a gift to your loved ones. In this case you can show them an image that will be sent to you by email.

How does this campaign to buy Fairpay cards work?
The first objective is to finance the direct purchase of NFC tags that are the unique identifier of this payment system and there are a few companies in the world with the qualification to produce them.

Secondly, the cards will be printed on cardboard paper in a decentralized way and through cooperative printers in different regions, so that fairpay is possibly the first payment card that does not use plastic of any kind.

To make this campaign possible, you can contribute by converting a minimum of 20 euros to Faircoin and order your card that will arrive loaded with the amount that you have chosen.

Scheduled calendar
From now until January 5, acceptance of orders from final users as part of this collective purchase in Fairmarket.

– From January 6 to January 15. Tag requests and distribution to nodes, printings of tags. D

– As of January 16: cards available to local nodes that will participate in the beta phase.

– As of February 1st. Sending the cards to the end user and full launch of Fairpay.
Includes: Publishing of the Android app and promotion so that merchants can join

Tecnical specs
Shops could only accept cards or could also distribute cards and charging the cards with their App. Some level of trust could be appreciated in order to let a shop distribute cards and charge them.

For a payment, the shop needs to have a smarphone or a card payments device, with NFC technology. Most of the recent devices have it.

We could choose to include a QR from the Faircoin adress on the card, so then people with a card can charge the card or receive payments just with the QR.

Join the Campaign! https://market.fair.coop/purchase/product/fairpay-card-426

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