2nd Autonomous Street Market in Heraklion

Another “Autonomous Street Market” was organized on Saturday, November 5th, at Georgiadi’s Park, involving producers and various people that support this new project. The initiative for the creation and consolidation of this street market comes from the Heraklion Integral Cooperative (H.I.C.) which aims at networking and strengthening self-management projects that seek to overcome the main, centralized and repressive economic system.

market_161105_1Although it was just the second event, it became clear to everybody that this market fulfilled a real need, both of producers as of the people who wanted to know more and join. Similarly, the products offered were many and various, as also the transactions were plenty. At the same time we were able once again to use our alternative currencies (Kouki and FairCoin) in practice, thus strengthening our common effort to further develop a local (and wider) solidarity economy.

market_161105_2But the purpose of the Autonomous Street Market is multidimensional and not only restricted to transactions or products. Of course the first concern is to achieve the supply of products and services within conditions that serve our common interest and not the speculation of some, refocusing on the real usage value of goods rather than the artificially shaped one driven by modern exploitation and competition. So, we try to highlight the devastating effects of the “market”, the unlimited and unrestrained development against any concept of human dignity and sustainability, counter-offering a local collaborative model to cover our needs, based on de-growth and self-sufficiency. At the same time we promote the issues of ecological and fair production, trustworthy and cooperative relationship and also the values of collective, solidarity and p2p participation of people.

market_161105_3All of these are built in an open participatory space and through a direct democratic process that aims in bringing closer more and more people. Together we will strengthen and determine the course of the project, hoping to change the attitude and stance, firstly of ourselves and afterwards that of society in large. We believe that this change and the social transition which we expect is mainly based on funding collective procedures and understanding between us, essential ingredients that will help us to combat contemporary alienation and individualism.

market_161105_4Putting these into practice, the Autonomous Street Market concluded with an open assembly of the participants, which configures the operation, objectives and everything else necessary. In this specific meeting, after we evaluated the process and pointed out any issues that needs to be improved, we decided that the market should be held every second Saturday of the month, at the same place, in order to build up a permanent presence and become recognizable by more people. We also look forward to more producers joining and to a greater variety of products and services that will eventually cover more and more of our needs. Many more topics were set for discussion, but time was short to negotiate them. Surely there will be many more assemblies and many more issues that we will be called to address, creating and developing the autonomous popular market we envision.

We invite everybody to join and get to know this new project of H.I.C.,
enhance and contribute to its expansion.

Visit http://heraklion.cooperativas.gr/

Contact heraklion@cooperativas.gr

We look forward to seeing you on the next Autonomous Street Market
on Saturday, December 10th, in Georgiadi’s park!

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