Autonomous Street Market by Heraklion Integral Cooperative

Street Market using alternative currencies

of the Heraklion Integral Cooperative and

an Open Assembly to fund an “Autonomous Street Market”

The Integral Cooperative of Heraklion (I.C.H.) resumes its operation aiming to grow and strengthen, while creating the social environment and encourages the creation of self-managed projects that will meet our common needs. We have already organised a public event where a first acquaintance with our values and ideas was made. There we presented the proposal of an integral network of people and collectives that embrace self-organisation, while operated an open bazaar using alternative currencies. More detailed information can be found on our website: heraklion.cooperativas.gr

So far we have mainly focused on setting up an alternative economy, fair and solidary, that works both locally and globally. Our two cooperating projects

are already in use and supported by I.C.H., forming an alternative to the existing destructive market economy that puts profit and limitless growth against people. At the same time, we continue to promote the use of these currencies, initially to people who share our values, so that we can cover our basic needs.

Having these basic economic tools, we move on to establish another autonomous project which will serve as an open, participatory and self-managed structure for providing products and services, as an evolution to the previous bazaar. An Autonomous Street Market” which will provide a common space to producers, consumers and other participants that want to help and shape its course. While there have already been some discussions and preparations within I.C.H., we believe it is necessary to have a broader activation and participation of people, as a step of personal emancipation also.

With all these in mind and many more that we would like to share at our meeting, we invite you at Georgiadi’s Park, on Saturday 5th of November, to participate in:

10a.m. – 2nd Open Bazaar, offering goods and services using alternative coins

1p.m. – Collective Kitchen, for supporting the common fund of I.C.H.

3p.m. – Open Assembly, for funding and organising an Autonomous Street Market”

Taking our lives in our own hands through self-organising!

There you can:

Meet us and become acquainted with the values, goals and projects we promote to empower emancipation and self-organising.

Participate as a producer to the Street Market and offer your goods/services using alternative currencies.

Cover your necessities inside a context of solidarity and mutual support between consumers and producers.

Co-shape the conditions, aims and trajectory of this new “Autonomous Street Market”.

Share the event https://www.facebook.com/events/634850350020548

Contact Heraklion Integral Cooperative at heraklion@cooperativas.gr

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