The School of Daily Revolution invites you to its first learning events

We are happy to let you know that in the last assemblies of the initiative for a self-organised school of integral cooperation, we decided about a name for the project as well as the first learning activities that will be part of its launching period.

The first learning activities are being co-organised with Lambda Space, Thessaloniki’s hackerspace on the topic of free and open source software technologies and will take place at Lambda Space, Ionos Dragoumi 39, 6th floor, on Friday 7th and Sunday 9th of October.

The events are open for everyone to attend and do not require any technical background.

The School of Daily Revolution, as we named the initiative, will be an open and free space for the dissemination of theoretical knowledge and the learning of practical experiences that would be useful for collectives and individuals in order to create or become involved in initiatives of solidarity and cooperative economy, the commons, self-management and sustainability.

The name that we gave to the project we wanted it to be both creative and descriptive, as well as reflect its character which will be based on open participation and cooperation. The School of Daily Revolution leaves the space to everyone to dream and express how he/she envisions daily revolution, implying that processes of social change consist of daily efforts and refer to both collective / social and individual / personal levels.

Lambda Space, Thessaloniki’s hackerspace, is a 120m2 space dedicated to creative software and hardware hacking. Tech communities, meetups and individuals can have their own space in Thessaloniki.

Below follows a short description of the upcoming events:

Friday 7 October 19:00:

3D printing and P2P production

During this activity, we will present the social potential of functioning P2P (peer to peer) structs on a theoretical basis. As a practical example, we will present the basic fuctionality of a 3D printer. Afterwards, we will discuss about the importance of P2P structs and how they can lead to a world where P2P means of production will be accessible to everyone.

Sunday 9 October 19:00:

Introduction to free and open source software (FOSS) technologies and the Open Source Movement

Open source is a philosophy and methodology that promotes free redistribution and access to products design and development or ideas and implementation details. Free as in free beer but also free as in freedom. Open as in accessible, open as in reuse and change, open as in for everyone.
This presentation will focus on the ideas behind free and open source software and the open source movement. We will talk about the current state of affairs, how open source compares to proprietary software, what all this means for the average user and why we should care. Throughout the presentation there will be many examples of open source software and tech, to demonstrate how it already is in our daily lives but also to show alternatives to common closed software that anyone can easily obtain and use.
After the presentation, we will have the opportunity to go hands on with some popular free and open source programs and install some software on your computers, so bring your laptops!

During the open discussions after both events, you will be invited to share your proposals about seminars or workshops that you would like to be organized in the near future related open source technologies.

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