A new campaign for the development of the innovative FairCoin 2

A few days ago, FairCoop launched a crowdinvestment campaign with a double objective.
1. Financing the continuation of FairCoin 2 development, which will be a novelty in the cryptocurrency world, while essentially incorporates the values of fairness and equity which distinguish it from all other currencies.
2. Stabilizing and strengthening its value, mainly by increasing the one that is traded today in digital exchanges, thus becoming a more safe and secure currency for all those who choose to use it.
First, it is called crowd-investment because it is indeed a great investment opportunity and is addressed to anyone who choose to exchange part of their FIAT money, but more than 100 €. In this case, you receive double the amount of FairCoins you would receive until today at the current rate of 1 € = 20 FairCoins! The only difference is that the extra FairCoins earned must be saved for a six months period before you may be able to use them. For example, if one chooses to exchange 100 € to FairCoins, he/she will get 2.000 FairCoins for immediate use and an extra amount of 2.000 FairCoins that will remain locked for six months.
Besides the obvious benefit of this investment, you support the development of FairCoin 2, that comes to realize what the community of FairCoop supports for the creation of a truly equitable economic system. Although FairCoin 1 was making a big difference, compared with  other cryptocurrencies that endorse speculation, there were some build-in characteristics that needed to be altered inside the software, creating a truly innovative version which will:
  • Stop new coin creation (minting), thus realizing a truly equitable economy since none will any longer produce a profit out of nothing.
  • Validate transactions instantaneously, as the system will be supported by a network of trusted nodes, contributing to increased safety and efficiency.
  • Implement viable micro-transactions, as low-power nodes and minimized fees will make it ideal for such use.
The global organization of FairCoop aims to overthrow the existing authoritarian economic model by using FairCoin 2 and its new features, as the heart of a whole economic toolbox that is constantly enriched. We need companions in this endeavor and we invite you to invest in our success!
Learn more and contribute to our campaign
This crowdinvestment offer will be available until June 26th.
Faircoin means fairness. Faircoin means social cooperation. Faircoin means technology based on human needs. Faircoin means social justice, social ecology, economic democracy, human consensus.
Faircoin means much more than money, and that’s why we ask you to join!
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