Open call for a Self-Organised School of Integral Cooperation in Thessaloniki

A few months ago in Thessaloniki, there was a presentation of the Integral Cooperative of Catalonia (CIC), an initiative that has managed to create an integral ecosystem of self-organisation, which is based on cooperation, equal redistribution of resources and open participation.

As a follow-up of that presentation, a self-organised group was created with the intention to explore the possibilities for cooperation among similar collaborative initiatives of Thessaloniki and the CIC, as well as the creation of new initiatives that will be networking and mutually supporting each other in a continuous process of cooperation.

This effort is being made with the belief that there is a necessity for the creation of comprehensive alternatives against the destructive consequences of the capitalist system, which will aim to create a fair, participatory and solidary economy from below.

As part of that cooperation, discussions, political fermentation and working groups have been activated that are exploring possibilities for building collaborative initiatives in specific topics, all directly related to our everyday living and important in the process to take back control of our lives and to live with dignity and freedom.

From within the above process, the Initiative for a Self-Organised School of Integral Cooperation is currently being created with the intention to support the building of a model of alternative education that will be based on open participation and cooperation.

The Self-organised School of Integral Cooperation would be an open and free space for the dissemination of theoretical knowledge and the learning of practical experience that would be useful for collectives and individuals in order to create or become involved in initiatives of self-management and solidarity.

The school can be composed of:
· Political and general theoretical education through various events and seminars.
· Specific workshops about creating and managing cooperative initiatives.
· Thematic courses and seminars about any field which the participants in the school can consider useful and important to learn.
· Practical action learning though participation in existing projects.
· Practical and educational support for the participants to build their own initiatives.

The school’s values of political, theoretical and practical learning will follow the principles of integral revolution, solidarity economy, p2p society, commons transition, degrowth, localisation, and similar sociopolitical movements.

The self-organised school of integral cooperation can be hosted in different spaces – initiatives, based on the learning topics, either practical or theoretical.

We therefore call collectivities, solidarity economy initiatives and individuals on Tuesday 24 May at 18.00 at Scholio, Vasileos Georgiou 27, to share our ideas and collectively build this project.

Initiative for a Self-Organised School of Integral Cooperation.

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