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The revolution in Rojava became widely known especially through publicity gained by the battle for the defense of Kobane against the fascists of the so-called Islamic State (IS). That was a glorious victory, of people with different ethnic origins and religion, although united under their passion for a self-governed life that is inspired by higher moral principles focused on people and ecology. Especially if we consider the historical and social past of the region, as part of the broader Middle East, as well as the present situation experienced daily as of being between two hostile forces (Turkey-ISIS), we should clearly understand the achievement of these people. That seems almost legendary in the eyes and ears, at least, of those that struggle to overcome the oppressive system we experience. As for those who settle comfortably inside western-culture societies and find it difficult to understand the true happiness of these people, a warm smile of the combatants in the front line will be enough to convince them that something deeply human and genuine creative is evolving there.
Further information and analysis can be found in numerous articles published from time to time, especially in the webpage http://kurdishquestion.com/  that often refers to the democratic autonomy model implemented there and people’s efforts to build a social and cooperative economy (https://cooperativeeconomy.info/ ).
Along with the emergence of the revolution in 2013, a global solidarity and support movement occurs, which is strengthened and widened by the participation of more and more people from different parts of the world. FairCoop, as a global living organism that reflects the respective values and ideals, could not of course stay uninvolved, likely we all have to act. Aiming at providing either remote expertise or direct assistance and on-site work, we co-operate with the Rojava Plan initiative (http://rojavaplan.com/ ), a group that closely monitors any developments there, with members being in the region and participating actively in this constantly shaping new reality. Recently, a Local Node of FairCoop was created in the area, which managed to introduce the concept of FairCoin into this emerging economy, negotiating ways to help residents rebuild their lives that remains blocked -in large extent- from any external assistance.
The plan for this reconstruction starts from the provision of food, wanting to restore self-sufficiency in agricultural products, through sustainable natural farming. During the previous years, Assad regime exploited these areas in an extreme degree, using intensive monocultures that inevitably led to their gradual deterioration. Now, amid an embargo by neighboring enemy countries and the gigantic sale’s price of fertilizers that smugglers are asking due to war, farmers of Rojava have no other feasible way than to produce their own fertilizer. A process which is quite accustomed to freedom fighters, as autonomy and self-organization is a continuous process that involves a daily struggle and dedication to succeed. They are planning to build their own organic fertilizer production, taking advantage of residential and other waste that will be used in the composting process.
Creating a network of such units for collection, processing and distribution of compost, will realise an important step for the sustainability and continuation of the revolution. For this reason, two weeks ago a crowdfunding campaign begun at the CoopFunding platform (https://coopfunding.net/ ), where all of us can contribute to the implementation of this vital project. This campaign will remain active for two more weeks, until June 2, 2016, thus we invite everyone to stand by the side of the struggling people of Rojava. Of course, apart from Euros, these contributions can be made using FairCoin.
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