Recent news from Herakleion Local Node, Creta

Our experience of meeting FairCoop’s construction and network is fairly recent. We had the chance to host the International Fair Coop’s Summer Camp in 2015 and to get into practicing a global alternative economy tool during the promotion period of FairCoin in our town. Since then, little by little, we keep on exploring the structure of FairCoop in whole, as well as trying to introduce it to the local community.

During the last months, local political groups, initiatives and networks have been forming a common assembly, to put a practical aspect in Integral Cooperativism that would put together the needs inside the terms of a political assessment. It has been until now a process of elaborating our texts and profile, which will be presented in an open event in the center of the town. In this event we will be practicing in an autonomous open-space, exchange market, collective kitchen and introducing new people into our new economy, through the use of FairCoin and mutual currency implemented with integralCES platform.

The two fields we are focusing on this period are, firstly, the agricultural matter: Working to get people to trust each other, defend our preference to respectful and natural ways of farming, but also use collective decision making in designing a fair production-to-consumer network. The second is to access and make use of disobedient economy tools, which are by far needed in Greece, to support peoples’ needs. Apart from the alternative currencies mentioned before, we also started testing a local legal form as a practical disobedient tool to help local collectives extend their operation. Complementary, in a wider level throughout the country, we are highly motivated towards the integration of immigrants and refugees, and towards implementing alternative education projects in the territory.

These days, as a FairCoop Local Node, we are scheduled to visit two other main towns on the island to share our interest on FairCoops’ tools and spread the call for Integral Revolution in a more close and personal way. We will be meeting cooperatives and collectives that have already been in touch with FairCoops’ concept during the summer, trying to keep up a live channel of interconnection between us. Furthermore, along with the Local Node of Athens and others, we are actively organising the event of the 1st gathering of Solidarity Economy and Integral Cooperativism, that will take place on 5-6-7-8 of May in Mouzaki Karditsa.

Lastly, apart from the local actions, we are trying to keep up and follow FairCoop’s development at the global scale as well. We strongly believe in that local-global bidirectional connection, thus participating actively in the Open Global Assemblies and trying to co-shape our common strategical path. Also, from a practical point of view, this means that we are collaborating in different working groups, while translating all the new informations and tools to Greek so that they are easily available publicly to a wider audience. We are looking forward in participating in all the new tools designed by FairCoop community and its committed members, like the mostly anticipated FairMarket, strengthening and broadening our commonly shared vision for a decentralised and truly fair economy of the people.

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