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CoopFunding  promotes the self financing of cooperative projects which lie inside the ethical context of Integral Cooperatives and promote common good through self-organization. Its goal is to offer visibility and access  to collective financing, thus promoting cooperatively run of socially  oriented projects.
This project has arisen from the Catalan Integral Cooperative (CIC) and is still being supported mainly by this, as well as to its permanent coopfunding campaign. It is managed by a small team of volunteers and developed using open source software based on wordpress. It is a cooperative project itself and also operates beyond any state institution, law or any other kind of intermediary, thus contributing to political disobedience scheme, as is open to participation and configuration to anyone accepting its ethical values. Ultimately, is about a self-determined tool that belongs to the community and its users.
From now on, by completing  its translation to Greek, it adds to the local  toolkit, opening the  possibility of cofinancing to local groups, collectives, projects etc that cooperate towards Integral Revolution.
Its basic principle is that there is no charge of any kind, either for publishing a campaign, or for donating to these*. Also, contributions may be either in FIAT money, or in other alternative currencies like FairCoin or other cryptocurrencies, local social currency or even goods. Users tha publish a campaign have the diversity of choosing between different options of payment and ways to do that. If the project doesn’t have a bank account we can create one for the campaign in Betabank (a social cooperative bank in Leipzig, Germany), so you can receive  donations there by transfer. Lastly, even it is not suggested, credit or debit card may be used for donations, enclosing a certain commission  (3,1% + 0,30 €) applied to the donor. No part of this fee goes to  CoopFunding, as its all FairBill and credit card fees.
Read many more details regarding its use and available payment options directly from the website: https://coopfunding.net/en/
The  Refugee Fund campaign of FairCoop was lately added to CoopFunding  platform also. Explore its capabilities,  spread its use to your  community and contribute in any way you can to the projects published.  We also look forward for your own campaign looking for cooperative  financing!
The team of FairCoop Greece
*except in the use of credit or debit cards
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