Open call for proposals that will form the learning content of the Self-organised School of Integral Cooperation


This is a call out from the Self-organized School of Integral Cooperation to send in proposals of knowledge-sharing ideas for the school to begin after the summer. We ask you to submit your proposals by Sunday 28 August!

The Self-organised School of Integral Cooperation will be an open and free space for the dissemination of theoretical knowledge and the learning of practical experience that would be useful for individuals and collectives in order to create and become involved in initiatives of self-management, solidarity and sustainability.

We invite you to make suggestions that fit with any one of these themes:

  • Political and general theoretical education through various events and seminars.
  • Specific workshops about creating and managing cooperative initiatives.
  • Thematic courses and seminars about any field which the participants in the school can consider useful and important to learn.
  • Practical action learning though participation in existing projects.
  • Practical and educational support for the participants to build their own initiatives.

The school’s values of political, theoretical and practical learning will follow the principles of integral revolution, solidarity economy, p2p society, commons transition, degrowth, localisation, and similar sociopolitical movements.

The self-organised school of integral cooperation can be hosted in different spaces – based on the topic of the seminar or workshop, either practical or theoretical.

With this call for Proposals, we will begin the open process for developing  the contents of the School.

You can send in your proposals through the web platform that has been created for the support and coordination of similar training processes or (if access to the platform is not available) through e-mail to


How to make a proposal online:

  1. You need to be registered in the site in order to participate in the creation of a proposal. Register at the top right hand side of the webpage.

2. Go to the website.

3. If it doesn’t load automatically, go to the top menu and in the locations section,select ‘Thessaloniki’.

4. Select ‘Create’ and ‘Propose new course’.

5. Add your proposal with title and description in the appropriate boxes.

The description should include:

–  Number of sessions proposed

–  Suggested timeline

–  Suggested materials and/or bibliography (this can be extended by other participants during the process)

–  Resources needed (related space, projector, internet, etc…)

6. Select category (or multiple categories) and check the boxes to show whether theseminar or workshop still needs a place and whether it needs a mentor.

7. Save the proposal.

How to make additions or changes to a proposal

  1. You need to be registered in the site in order to participate in the creation of a proposal. Register at the top right hand side of the webpage.

2. Go to the website.

3. If it doesn’t load automatically, go to the top menu and in the locations section, select ‘Thessaloniki’.

4. Choose a course from those visible on the main page, or search for the course using the search bar.

5. On the right you will see different options:

– organizers

– I have a room to host this

– I can be a mentor.

– I want to take part.

You can select, or deselect, any of these options.

Also, you can add your comments to the proposal below the form; this can be used to discuss the proposal online.

Building the content for the school collectively

Anyone will be able to join or support each proposal using the platform.

After receiving the proposals, they will be  dicussed collectivelly and improved online in Here we ask anyone interested in participating to offer ideas and know-how.

The deadline for final submissions which have been discussed online will be the beginning of September. 

The final contents for the first period of the school (between mid-September until the end of December), will be selected by an open, collective decision making process in the School assembly, that will take place in September.

You are invited to join any assembly about the School, including this one. Send an email to if you want to receive emails with information about the Self-organised School of Integral Cooperation.

Remember to send in your proposals through or through e-mail to by Sunday 28 August!



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